Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy Week

Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven't posted anything lately.  It has been a crazy week for me.  I think my computer has a virus and it is super slow when you try to do anything on it.  I think its got a virus, I'm hoping it doesn't but I'm not a computer person so I have no idea whats actually going on.  I've been trying to finish up the goody bags for my Mother in law and that has kept me busy for a couple of days.  And then on Tuesday I received some bad news, one of my really good friends Son was killed a couple of days ago.  So tonight I'm going to her house to spend some time with her.  On a happier note Matthew had his first field trip today at school.  He went to a pumpkin patch and got to see lots of animals and saw an actual working beehive.  He was so happy when I picked him up because he got to pass out the goody bags that I made for his class.  I brought my camera in hopes of taking pictures of him passing them out but once he started passing them out we couldn't keep up with the kids.  They loved the bags and couldn't stop thanking Matthew.  I'm hoping that I can try and make some crafty this weekend.  I've got to go for now my kids are running around my Mother in law's house.  Talk to you soon, Melisa

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