Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite Projects of 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone! 
I thought I would show you my Top 12 favorite projects of 2012.  I had so many favorites and it was hard to narrow it down but here they are.  :)

I hope you all enjoyed my projects throughout 2012.  I have some fun news to share with you in 2013. 
Happy New Year!!


  1. Beautiful work, though the hot cocoa one is super adorable. Definitely gong to be scrap-lifting that idea for a gift! The idea of including some of those peppermint sticks is awesome.

  2. Love them all. I had fun looking at my work form the favorite of yours was this first grade the title, might need to borrow for my daughter.

  3. These are all soo cute! I love the Owl and the panda card!